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Smart Automation of Your Business

Riskey is a proprietary financial technology company that delivers all the necessary tools for efficient automated risk management and payment tracking

Riskey provides easy to use tools for deal tracking and payment management and summarizes the data into robust reporting

CRM Platform
Syndicator Portal

Syndication portal allows you to share detailed information on new deals as well as diversify risk with multiple partners

Risk Asessment

The system utilizes proprietary machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms for risk assessment

Securitized Transactions

The data of each client is stored in a dedicated AWS cloud environment which is accessible only to the client's users

Integrations with
Service Providers

Riskey is integrated with leading service providers in the field of payment processing and fraud management 

Proprietary Payment Technology

Once payment is taken from the client’s account, it is automatically distributed to each syndicator partner

Assessing and Predicting Risk

Riskey utilizes machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms based on excessive amount of data about businesses and individuals enhancing the risk management process. 


Along with traditionally accepted underwriting technology we estimate risk based on >1.6 million observations from variety of data sources that is increasingly growing.

Big Data for Businesses and Individuals

You can now assess your risk level tolerance based on your current portfolio. Whatever industry you are investing in, make Riskey learn from your historical data and help in your investment decision making.

Estimate The Risk Of Your Portfolio
What is Machine Learning?

Courtesy of Oxford 

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Beat Risk With Science

Alternative Finance. Risk Management. CRM Platform.  


CRM Platform

  • Storage of Clients' Information

  • Deal & Payment Management

  • Portfolio Analytics

  • Real-Time Payment Tracking

  • Daily Reporting With Email Notifications

  • Missing Payments Notifications


Syndication Portal

Get  access to the deals including niche businesses through Riskey Syndication Portal

See details on each deal performance and choose the deal terms based on your risk tolerance

Share your risk with other funders or accredited investors and diversify your exposure across your portfolio

Collect your percentage of daily, weekly or monthly payments and track the deal progress and performance

Riskey is integrated with the largest payment processing, credit reports and data service providers including
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